Frampton Marsh in Winter

At the end of a particularly mild November here in the East Midlands, a trip to Frampton Marsh in Lincolnshire provided us with sightings of quite a wide range of birds. As well as large numbers of ducks, geese and plovers there were a few waders and, of course, the glossy ibis was still there. We had hoped to see the lapland buntings, but it wasn’t to be.
From the top: common redshankglossy ibis flying overhead and black-tailed godwit.


2 Comments on “Frampton Marsh in Winter

  1. And I love those shots, especially the ibis beating up for height—not an easy one to get, I imagine 🙂

  2. In New Zealand it’s coming up to Opening Day of duck shooting season. This is when real men dress up as commandos, complete with full camo gear, facepaint … the works.
    The ducks, no fools, fly to the pond in Queens Park and it becomes like the Metro in rush hour. Dawn on Duck Day sounds like the opening hours of The Somme, but Real Manhood lasts just one weekend.

    I too shoot ducks, but mostly in QP with a camera … the slaughter lasts weeks but the fervour just a couple of days; and then rugby fever takes over.

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